Super Serious Statements

Storyteller’s Statement

Representation and recognition of self are key ingredients for a vibrant life.

I want people to feel seen and reflected back in my work.

Storyteller’s Disclaimer

I don’t believe art and social/environmental justice are disparate concepts and I reject separating the art from the artist. I acknowledge my writing and art are made according to a moment in time, personally and socially, and I am responsible for the material. I respect your personal relationship and reconciliation with this concept.

Additionally, to be clear, I believe in or support: black/brown/Asian/global majority/indigenous/LGBTQIA2S+ lives matter, access is everything, kindness and laughter are universal languages, science is real, universal healthcare is no longer optional, the LANDBACK movement, mental and physical health advocacy, the pro-choice movement and women’s rights, children's rights to autonomy and agency, there’s room and resources enough for all of us, people and environment over profit, and lived experiences trump all.

Social Differences

I feel safe and empowered in sharing the following. I recognize and respect that no one should ever be required to disclose this kind of information. These identifiers only make up pieces of who I am and no individual or grouping of differences makes a person entirely. The sum is greater than the parts.

I am white, cisgender (female), polyamorous, hetero-passing, able-bodied, panic disordered, medically diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder, a first-generation and dual German citizen and United States citizen, first-generation college student, divorced, remarried, childfree by choice, the spouse of someone with Type 1 Diabetes, graduate school-level educated, vaccinated, and an only child.

(Para)social Notes

Social Media Conduct Code
Human authenticity and connection. We’ve been so disconnected from other humans for so long that we’ve forgotten what real life looks like. I choose to make social media a place where we can find the humanity in each other by sharing bits of our real lives in an effort of connection, collaboration, and creativity, instead of a place of selling and competition. Through that type of sharing and connection, I believe, is one way empathy and love grows. Thank you for your most precious resources: your time and attention.

Anti-Capitalist Social Media Commitment
I believe in and work to create a global collective of creatives who buy/sell/trade/share with each other in community on social media platforms.